Monday, February 23, 2009

Sugar Free Allstars' Wedding Weekend Tour

That's right, 2 weddings in less then 24 hours, with the first in Kansas City and the second in Edmond. We are professionals, folks.

SFA played Saturday night in Kansas City for our good friends Brooke & Tim's wedding and it was a dance party all night long. Brooke and Tim both have musical families and friends and SFA was joined throughout the night by many talented musicians. This is the first jam session: Chris with 3 percussionists, including Brooke's dad and Tim's bandmate.

I failed to take any pictures at the second wedding on Sunday evening (oopsy). Our friends and nearly-neighbors Andy and Heather tied the knot at the Jazz Lab. Andy was the original drummer for SFA so he joined the band for several songs. Heather and other friends joined in throughout the evening and it was another evening long dance party.

I told Chris I was little jealous we couldn't have had Sugar Free play our reception all night because it was so much fun, but I was lucky enough to be included in all of this weekend's festivities. So if anyone is looking for a funky band that knows how to get a party going, I can definitely recommend one...

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