Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Deeeeeear Andyyyyyyyy

Last Friday afternoon, SFA played their second annual show at Dale Rogers where Mindy's brother Andy works; coincidentally, also Andy's birthday. These are seriously the most. fun. shows. ever. Min just posted some video to her blog so check it out: SFA at Dale Rogers

(This is not footage from the forth-coming live dvd, but still a fun preview of a new SFA song. I think it's the next hit.) 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caution, genius at work.

SFA's live kid's show dvd is finally in post-production...I think. I'm not actually sure what that that even means, but I do know the video footage has been shot, processed, edited, the audio engineered and mastered, graphics designed and it's all down to just a few tweaks here and there before shipping it off for duplication and this thing should FINALLY be finished.
It has been listened to 195,782 times. I know because I counted.

It's really a group effort. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Phone call

C: So I got an exciting phone call today from the Arts Council about a new pilot program.

E: Maybe they should come up with a better theme.

C: What?

E: You know, all the bad publicity they've gotten lately...

C: Huh?

E: You know! All the kidnappings and ransom and stuff. They're bad guys, not cool guys. 

C: Wait. what do you think I said?

E: You're going to be in a pirate program.

C: PILOT. Pilot program.

E: Oh.

Like deja vu all over again.

Our wedding photographer Candi Coffman has been so busy; between her blog getting hacked last winter, all of her regularly-scheduled photo shoots and recently discovering there is a mini-McKinney on the way, she was just able to blog some of our wedding pictures last week. I think it's so interesting to see the different "favorites" that everyone has. You can see hers here:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Preview

I know...I know...I'm so slow to post Easter pics. But I'll share one of my friend Joshua's precious little guy meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time:

And for other previews of Easter pics, just follow the links:
The Final Cake Pops Product (seriously, we impressed everyone)

I'm just mooching off of Sharla's hard work, updating her blog with pictures. I'll eventually put some of my own up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"More is not enough."

- Charles Faudree

Good Friday was an off-work day for me, so I was able to attend the Design Avenues: Home Design Show, organized by dear family friend, Laney C. The all-day event offered several workshops on current trends, floral arranging, bookcases & mantels and other inspiration for home decor ideas. The featured luncheon speaker was Charles Faudree, and can I just say, he is adorable! He was so much fun to listen to and of course his designs were amazing. It was a fun afternoon with friends and I'm definitely looking forward to the next event!

Some of my very favorite people
Charles is hiding behind the lilies...
After the show everyone was feeling especially inspired, so Sharla and I tried our hand at some floral arranging.
The inspiration
Our creation

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Shelves Edition


These were our kitchen shelves: pretty roomy but such a pain to get to anything that wasn't in the very front.

...uh, unless you're a cat.

So we bought some shelves...a lot of shelves...17" Sliding Cabinet Organizers to be exact.

BUT they require an 18" opening (our cabinets allow for 17 3/4"). I'm not kidding it's THAT CLOSE but no way would they fit. 

So my handy husband procured a dremel (I'm not even sure how to spell that, much less use one) and...

I hope you are hearing the sound of the heavens parting, because that's what I heard when I came home from work the next day:

He dremeled and sawed and drilled and installed his little heart out.

And now....

SHELVES! Glorious Useful Shelves!!

Feel free to stop by and admire anytime. We still are.