Monday, September 28, 2009

In the sage words of Ice Cube: It Was a Good Day.

Dude, today is the best day!

1. For starters, I got to upgrade my iPhone yesterday to a 3GS and it is so fast and functional it's not even funny. And I can receive phone calls! And voicemail! And text messages! And even MMS-ing! I am beside myself! I feel like I've joined the 21st century, me with my properly-functioning phone...

2. Finally got a printer installed that has been IMPOSSIBLE for the last 10 months; and before you begin to wonder, it wasn't just a regular install...I had it installed on the Mac, but couldn't get it to print any MS Office documents through the Windows virtual machine (although I had the other two Macs printing Office docs just fine so conceivably should have known what needed to be done). And this morning, I tried one last time before just deciding to go buy a new printer and it worked!!

3. Got a program re-installed, functional and printing documents & reports that hasn't worked for months!

4. Also finally got an iPod synced to the office computer and music files transferred, while not a huge victory, sure goes a long ways towards quality of life at la oficina!

And this is all in spite of the fact that it's a Monday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Shiny and Happy

So, this is me now:

Got my hurrrr did.

I went to see Erica yesterday and she made my hair feel shiny and new and ready for fall. If anyone else is needing a hair-refreshing, you should get on down to Norman to see her. It's worth the drive, I promise :)

And this has NOTHING to do with hair, but it's making me smile so I thought I'd share:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love is a many splendored thing.

I 'borrowed' the following quote from my newest (this week anyway) favorite blog:
Quiet Life

Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.
That is not our business and, in fact, it is nobody's business.
What we are asked to do is to love, and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy if anything can.
Thomas Merton (1915 - 1968)

Isn't that great?

There is a dog on the roof.

No, this is not my attempt at a funny or clever title. I just watched a dog climb up a ladder and now he's running around the roof of the office building.





Apparently, he's been doing this since he was six months old and he's already famous:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vicks VapoSteam V1300 to the rescue!

SFA received their first DVD review last Friday, and you can read it here: Oklahoman Entertainment blog

Currently, promoting the dvd has taking a backseat to recording the second kids CD (10 new songs-woohoo!); they've been in the studio for the last 4 days and are pleased with their progress so far. Today was supposed to be vocal tracking but this morning all the allergy counts were at DANGER RED ALERT levels so I made an early morning emergency trip to walgreens to get vaporizers, sinus treatments, cough drops, throat sprays, a whole aresenal so Wiser can try to power through. Bless his stuffy lil head.

Saturday evening we went to a lovely outdoor wedding (thankfully our rainy OK weather decided to cooperate) and then rushed over to Bellini's for a SURPRISE birthday party for Mindy. And she was. And I don't have a single picture. What a dummy. I just got caught up in the excitement of it all. Oh well. It happened and it was wonderful.

This weekend I'm helping with a baby shower for my dear friend Ashley and I WILL get some pics. I'm very excited to see how everything comes together; lots of girly cuteness...but not enough to gag you, promise, Ash :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bad blogger...bad bad blogger.

This is a sunset we stumbled upon while out for a drive one night by Lake Arcadia. Wowsers.

I'm surprised I haven't forgotten my password to my blog, it's been so long since I've been here...

Just a quick update in the life of the Wisers:

This last Friday night we went to Red Pin (in Bricktown by the movie theater) with our friends Shawn and Leigh Love and then walked over to Bolero and enjoyed a dinner of tapas; I think the fried goat cheese with honey was my favorite, yummmmmy. Saturday I worked on some top secret projects *to be revealed at a later date* and then Sharla came over for sushi and OU football (Boomer!) on pay-per-view. Yesterday we had a lazy-ish day - I think the rain does it - and then we went over to the Wilson's for a yummy bucket-o-soup from Olive Garden. It hit the spot.

We do have a wedding of a dear high school friend to attend this weekend so I'll try to remember to get some pictures of us all dressed up. Things like that should certainly be documented ;)