Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Saints Were Marching

The Sugar Free Allstars played OCS on Wednesday afternoon for a summer reading kickoff event. The connection there is my mother, who is the Elementary Librarian Extraordinaire.

Some of my friends from OCS days (who now have their own children at OCS, whoa) sat out in the 90 degree heat with me to watch the show....

and Hazel helped Boom out with some of the instructions and crowd participation.

 Monkey see, 
Monkey do!
She really enjoyed watching and mimicking the big kids.
I'm pretty sure that "Cars and Trucks" is the next big hit. It just gets stuck in your head. 
In a good way.
Driving a car
Flying a plane
This is Jack, one of the kiddie contributors to the SFA kids dvd that should be done soon (I hope).
He also might be their biggest fan at OCS. We love Jack.
(We love Jack's brother Micah, too, but he wasn't feeling very photogenic that afternoon.)

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