Sunday, December 13, 2009

Table for Two.

I finally got my new Christmas dishes in this week (thanks mom and dad!) and couldn't resist setting the table so we could enjoy them throughout the holidays.

I also received my birthday flowers (thanks Wiser!) (a little early) because I requested holiday greens from Birdie, this sweet new shop on Campus Corner. If you haven't been there yet, get thee to Birdie asap; Katie carries a wide variety of lots of local and green goodies, including plants and flowers from her family's nursery. We picked out a yummy Christmas candle when we were there and I can't wait for the current candle to run out so I can fire it up. Anyway...I'm sorry this post can't be scratch-and-sniff because the greens smell so scrumptious. I'm not missing a real tree at all this year!


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