Friday, April 23, 2010

Thunder! Boomer! Up! Sooner!

This is what I could hear from the living room last night:
" Aw - come on!"
"NO! Stop him!"
Wiser (who I think still carries scars from abusive high school athletes picking on band kids - big meanie bullies) has totally gotten into the hometown NBA team this year. It's been really fun to watch him :) And the team. They have made the whole city so proud.

What a fun day to be a sports fan in Oklahoma. We got to see 3 Sooners taken in the top 4 spots in the NFL draft (Big 12 4-4)! And the Thunder beat the Lakers in the very first NBA playoff game ever played in Oklahoma City. All on the anniversary of the landrun. Seems fitting.

Here's some more reading & a video on the game last night: Frenzied fans play big part in Thunder playoff win

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