Sunday, August 17, 2008

Don & Bertie

Early on in the planning process, Mom and I went out to the Bass Family Farm in Cashion, OK to collect and create some special memories with my Nana (my dad's mom). She got out her gorgeous wedding dress for me to try on, she shared her precious wedding pictures with us and even let me choose a handkerchief from her wedding keepsakes to carry on my wedding day. It was such a sweet time and I will always treasure that memory.

(Sorry kids, no frontal shots,
that dress wasn't even close to being buttoned.)

Several things to note: Her mother was a buyer for John A. Brown's department store so Nana was able to get her dress shipped directly from NYC (so haute couture). And can I just point out: my propensity for shopping must truly be an inherited gift, traceable all the way back to my great-grandmother.

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