Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lloyd & Sally

My Grandma Sally (mom's mom) lives in Houston so we have not been able to visit her in person since our big news :( 

However, she is the greatest penpal I know (snail mail and e-mail) and she has already sent several special keepsakes to Oklahoma to be included with what we are compiling to use in the wedding. She sent us our very first engagement card:

G-ma knows how much I love to look through all of her pictures, so she was really quick to send her wedding pictures up here, too. She also sent the pin that my grandfather gave her on their wedding day (you can see it on her suit in their wedding pictures). Our family still has the cake topper from their wedding (first picture in post) and it has been used in 5 weddings since then (soon to be 6)!

Love you Grandma! (Come north soon!)

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