Sunday, November 23, 2008

Done and Done.

We tied the knot last Friday and life hasn't really settled down yet...but I'm not sure it ever really will. I've already tried to post a 'wrapping it up' post earlier this week and silly blogspot erased all the pictures I uploaded, so I got mad and gave it the silent treatment. The only problem is that MOB hasn't had any new updates in a while and I know she's having wedding withdrawals, so here are a couple to tide you over :) 

"A Bride and her Chuppah"

Some of my girls and I have planned a pic swap for this afternoon, so I'll able to add some more to this in a little bit. We are still anxiously awaiting Candi's finished product, and I'll post a link to her stuff as soon as we receive it. 
Thanks so much to everyone for all of your hard work to make our night the best ever. We will always remember the kind words and special friends and family who shared our night with us.

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