Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thursday evening, Mindy and I stood in line for 4.5 hours to meet The Pioneer Woman and get her new cookbook signed. (You can read about the craziness here where The Food Dude likened the line of eager fans to a line to see Santa: The Pioneer Woman Comes To Town)

We arrived after work at 5:45 for the signing that was to start at 6:30...we finally got our books signed at 10:00pm. Wowsers. I was anticipating to wait awhile in line but was not nearly prepared for the wait we had. My feet ached, my back was killing me, I was starving...and I couldn't even feel sorry for myself because my seven-months-pregnant best friend was standing next to me the entire time - but I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to stand with :) In fact, I'm not sure anyone else would have be crazy enough to stand in that 5 hour line with me...
Just to put it in perspective, Mindy, who has already birthed one child totally au naturale, said this was the longest she had waited for anything and at one point compared it to when she summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. Seriously. We may have been a little delirious from starvation at that point.

PW was very gracious and took time to speak with everyone that was in line. Her entire family accompanied her to the event: her husband Marlboro Man, her four punks, her sister and nephew, her mother - all the major players from her blog. They were all so sweet and people were so eager to get their books signed by someone that they were asking MM, the punks, her sister, anyone to sign their books and they very sweetly obliged.

So here is the proof that we met The Pioneer Woman:

This is the picture I took of the line when we first arrived.

Oh sooooo close....
Pioneer Woman 01

We made it! I already know my mother will say something about my slouching, but I was tired and hungry and achey. And when we finally got to the table, I had not one funny, witty, memorable thing to say to her. Awesome.
Pioneer Woman 02

Our new best friend, Ree. She just doesn't know it yet.
Pioneer Woman 04

Marlboro Man in the flesh. He was quite dashing in person ;)
(PW is patting Mindy's belly to say hi to the baby.)
Pioneer Woman 05

10:02 pm and those people still have a long wait ahead. Word in the twitterverse is that she was signing books until 12:30am. Oklahoma loves us some Pioneer Woman.
Pioneer Woman 06

See? We are best friends! Three hearts AND a smiley face :)
Pioneer Woman 07


David W said...

Hilarious and VERY accurate testimony. We are crazy, but what a great memory! :)

Ashley said...

(a high-pitched) Jeeealous!!

Jocelyn said...

Eeks... I hope the line isn't that long when she comes to Austin on Dec. 3. I'm more pregnant than your friend (I'm due Dec. 17), but I HAVE to see PW!! :-)

Suzie Eads said...

I went to the evening signing.. it was just as crazy.. But fun! I wrote about it here: