Monday, January 26, 2009

7-11 kind of day.

(it's ICEE! Get it?! Ok, sorry...)

But you should come hang out with us. 

We've got cupcakes!
We've got fire!
And everyone loves the Snuggie!
This is what I found when I poked my head around the corner 
because it had gotten too quiet in the living room...

Later when he saw the picture he said, "Huh, that looks dangerous." Uh, no doy! 

We need to return to our regularly-scheduled programming before we smoke ourselves out or break a limb. But at least we have stereo sound for the Bedlam game...


David W said...

Hazy and I want to come one told me you have a snuggie!

Will and Lindsay said...

Will always tells me he's gonna get me a snuggie. I'm so jealous!