Monday, January 12, 2009

Houston, we have landed

...and already taken off again. This weekend included a whirlwind trip to San Marcos for outlet shopping with Chris' sister Sharla, a quick stopover in Houston to see Gma and Uncle Carl, then back home and at work 1st thing Monday morning.

Photographic evidence:
and now with the husband:

I would say we passed our first possible stumbling blocks as a married couple with flying colors. I didn't get in trouble for going hog-wild at the outlet mall (no small miracle) and after almost 20 hours this weekend of close quarters in the car, no major incidences to report. 

Thanks, Grandma, for all the yummy eats and t.l.c. :)

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I Run in Heels said...

These pictures are really sweet. Sounds like a fun trip!