Sunday, January 18, 2009

If you need me, I'll be inside.

So when the weather turns cold, I turn into quite the hermitess (fem. form ?); it's sometimes bad enough that friends and family will have to call and check on me because they haven't seen or heard from me in days (maybe weeks...). This year, now that I have a roommate, I guess everyone's not quite as worried because I haven't received as many phone calls since the weather has stayed below freezing and I've been holed up. I did get a new toy and have been torturing Wiser and P.Kitty with an incessant number of close-up and action shots to play with in Photoshop.
Obviously, he has to be coaxed...
Alright, I can take a hint...I'll leave you alone.
Even Hazel has to tolerate me, but she's easily bribed with jewelry (again with the tongue shot)!

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