Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Shelves Edition


These were our kitchen shelves: pretty roomy but such a pain to get to anything that wasn't in the very front.

...uh, unless you're a cat.

So we bought some shelves...a lot of shelves...17" Sliding Cabinet Organizers to be exact.

BUT they require an 18" opening (our cabinets allow for 17 3/4"). I'm not kidding it's THAT CLOSE but no way would they fit. 

So my handy husband procured a dremel (I'm not even sure how to spell that, much less use one) and...

I hope you are hearing the sound of the heavens parting, because that's what I heard when I came home from work the next day:

He dremeled and sawed and drilled and installed his little heart out.

And now....

SHELVES! Glorious Useful Shelves!!

Feel free to stop by and admire anytime. We still are.

1 comment:

David W said...

How organized all you need now are labels. :) Are those girl scout cookies I spy? Yummy thin can't get that past me.