Monday, September 14, 2009

Bad blogger...bad bad blogger.

This is a sunset we stumbled upon while out for a drive one night by Lake Arcadia. Wowsers.

I'm surprised I haven't forgotten my password to my blog, it's been so long since I've been here...

Just a quick update in the life of the Wisers:

This last Friday night we went to Red Pin (in Bricktown by the movie theater) with our friends Shawn and Leigh Love and then walked over to Bolero and enjoyed a dinner of tapas; I think the fried goat cheese with honey was my favorite, yummmmmy. Saturday I worked on some top secret projects *to be revealed at a later date* and then Sharla came over for sushi and OU football (Boomer!) on pay-per-view. Yesterday we had a lazy-ish day - I think the rain does it - and then we went over to the Wilson's for a yummy bucket-o-soup from Olive Garden. It hit the spot.

We do have a wedding of a dear high school friend to attend this weekend so I'll try to remember to get some pictures of us all dressed up. Things like that should certainly be documented ;)

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leigh said...

I just can't stop thinking about the goat cheese. NEED MORE NOW!