Monday, September 21, 2009

Vicks VapoSteam V1300 to the rescue!

SFA received their first DVD review last Friday, and you can read it here: Oklahoman Entertainment blog

Currently, promoting the dvd has taking a backseat to recording the second kids CD (10 new songs-woohoo!); they've been in the studio for the last 4 days and are pleased with their progress so far. Today was supposed to be vocal tracking but this morning all the allergy counts were at DANGER RED ALERT levels so I made an early morning emergency trip to walgreens to get vaporizers, sinus treatments, cough drops, throat sprays, a whole aresenal so Wiser can try to power through. Bless his stuffy lil head.

Saturday evening we went to a lovely outdoor wedding (thankfully our rainy OK weather decided to cooperate) and then rushed over to Bellini's for a SURPRISE birthday party for Mindy. And she was. And I don't have a single picture. What a dummy. I just got caught up in the excitement of it all. Oh well. It happened and it was wonderful.

This weekend I'm helping with a baby shower for my dear friend Ashley and I WILL get some pics. I'm very excited to see how everything comes together; lots of girly cuteness...but not enough to gag you, promise, Ash :)

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Ashley said...

I'm up for whatever gagginess you've got. Bring it on! I'm excited!