Monday, September 28, 2009

In the sage words of Ice Cube: It Was a Good Day.

Dude, today is the best day!

1. For starters, I got to upgrade my iPhone yesterday to a 3GS and it is so fast and functional it's not even funny. And I can receive phone calls! And voicemail! And text messages! And even MMS-ing! I am beside myself! I feel like I've joined the 21st century, me with my properly-functioning phone...

2. Finally got a printer installed that has been IMPOSSIBLE for the last 10 months; and before you begin to wonder, it wasn't just a regular install...I had it installed on the Mac, but couldn't get it to print any MS Office documents through the Windows virtual machine (although I had the other two Macs printing Office docs just fine so conceivably should have known what needed to be done). And this morning, I tried one last time before just deciding to go buy a new printer and it worked!!

3. Got a program re-installed, functional and printing documents & reports that hasn't worked for months!

4. Also finally got an iPod synced to the office computer and music files transferred, while not a huge victory, sure goes a long ways towards quality of life at la oficina!

And this is all in spite of the fact that it's a Monday.

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