Sunday, August 16, 2009

(insert clever title here until I get some coffee)

Yesterday was a fabulous day that involved NO MANUAL LABOR. In the morning we went to a really sweet wedding reception for our friends Brian and Angeleigh that recently got married in Tampa. They had Cafe Evoke serving coffee, a cinnamon roll bar and a picture and video slideshow that let us enjoy their beautiful ceremony on the beach. After the video Wiser asked "how long do we have to wait to renew our vows?" ;)

In the afternoon, we picked up Mindy and Hazel and went to Sage for some yummy, fresh organic salads. And I know she's not my biological child, but that little stinker was extra adorable so you'll just have to grin and bear the picture onslaught:



Self portrait?
Self portrait?

After lunch, it was more race-or-chase on the patio with a little tu-tu soccer time for good measure. By the time we got home, Boom was pooped.


Silly Mom.

Coach Wilson shows HEW some of her sweet soccer skills.

And tomorrow the Wiser birthday celebration continues as we head to Tulsa for the Paul McCartney (!!!) concert. He's already prepared me for the possibility of tears. From him.


The Seat House said...

Em, what kind of camera do you have??? These pics are sooo good! Hazel is a great subject!

Ashley said...

Until I clicked and saw the larger version, I thought her hand was held out rather than against the table top.
I was going to say the title could be "Gimme Some Suguh! I am yo neighbuh!"