Thursday, August 6, 2009

When it rains...

UPDATE: I can't even feel sorry for myself this morning because my parents' shed CAUGHT ON FIRE. My mom came home from working out and some wonderful, kind, mysterious, unknown neighbor had pulled over and was spraying the shed with one of their garden hoses, pretty much putting the fire out himself, according to the firemen (angels among us, anyone?).
The structure is ok from what I understand; it was mostly things inside that were melted and destroyed, including Christmas decorations and our wedding chuppah. I'm a little sad about that, but at least we have our pictures to remember it by. RAINS. We lost our power this morning right as I got in the shower, so this was the solution:

shower by candlelight

a shower by candlelight. The power was off for about an hour; it came back on just as we were wondering how in the world we would get the garage door open so I could go to work.

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